Saturday, June 26, 2010


I had a major dry spell. The whole world was ignoring me. It was quite traumatic. After the ebb, there always comes a flow.

I feel the effort required to find my blog, read it, and hate my fucking guts requires a personal response. So here we go!!

Comment # 1 from Anonymous AKA GREAT WHITE MALE:
This is why so many white guys come to Korea and date Koreans-- the sense of entitlement western girls have for simply existing. I'm not saying what he did was justified, but it happens sometimes and he's already feeling pretty shitty, he doesn't need your bullshit to go with it. You can be sure if you went out and did the same thing, he would be understanding treat you pretty good, but in return you treat him like a bitch. White girl double standards suck.

1. Last time Mr. AwesomeCool pulled this drunken idiot shit he was dumb enough to blog about how my then favorite punishment, 'the silent treatment', was pure bliss. Of course, we all know he was lying. Without my constant nagging and berating he didn't know what to do with himself. After four days he nearly died of boredom, so I had no other choice but to start speaking to him again.

2. I'm not white, but I I'm white enough to accept you calling me that.

3. Back when it was still cool to go out and get sloppy drunk (AKA before I decided it was stupid), Mr. AwesomeCool did not give me very special treatment the morning after. So there.

Comment # 2 from GREAT WHITE FEMALE
What a horrid bitch you are, and you seem proud of it. I hope your husband leaves you for an 18 year old Asian girl. He deserves it after putting up with you.

1. After being with me for 13 years, he finds women somewhat off-putting. If he leaves me for anything, it will be Brad Pitt.

2. Mr. AwesomeCool's response to this was, "Wow. 18 really? That's pretty young." I can only assume GREAT WHITE FEMALE didn't realize how fucking old Mr. AwesomeCool and I are and that her suggestion verges on promoting pedophilia.

That's all for now.

Horrible Bitch signing out.



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Anonymous said...

Dear Horrible Bitch I enjoy reading your blog about hardly working and getting paid for it. In fact it has inspired me to apply and lie about how interested I am to learn about the culture and all that shit so I can earn enough money to pay some bills and go on a real vacation. In the mean time I am reading your blog and enjoying your horrible bitchy-ness, I just hope that those two douches never run into an angry mean black cunt like me who can show them just how horrible and bitchy a person can get! I know this post is months ago but keep up the horrible bitchy-ness!

SuperFantabulous said...

If you actually follow through with any of that, you better return the favor by blogging about it and sending me a link.