Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Broadening Our Horizons

I've tapped out all my terrible TV shows. I've had to branch out into terrible movies. There was a time when movies were the most important thing in my life.

I laughed at dopes that went to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I was only interested in the movies where terrible 'real life' things happened. The ones that left you with a sad, miserable feeling that lasted for days.

Then I realized that life was hard. I lost interest in watching 'deep' movies where people had horrible choices to make or died a slow painful death or fought hard against a terrible injustice only to get assassinated. Now, you won't find me anywhere near that depressing shit.

It's romantic comedies all the way for me now. The more insipid the better. If I can see the cliche coming a mile away, I'm happy. No thinking required.

Today I'm watching "The Accidental Husband" with Uma Thurman. It sucks balls. I've never thought Uma was very pretty. Because she's in the tall women's club, she's forgiven.

With the hot weather, the kids have lost all interest in studying English. I try to get them to "Listen and Repeat" and it rapidly deteriorates into "Ignore and Mumble"

Me: Can I have some sandwiches?
Them: Mrrrrph drrrn smmmmiches
Me: Close enough.
Them: Crmph prunuffm.

Not only that, but it's added fuel to the already passionate fire burning in their third and fourth grade hearts.

The third graders have gone from one or two fights a day to one or two fights a class. The fourth graders, though not quite as prone to violence as the third graders have had their share of kicking ass and taking names.

Gabriel (remember him?) threw a kicking, punching, shouting tantrum that lasted at least half an hour and at one time or other was directed at at least half the class.

When not phiting to the death, the third graders have been like a box of bored puppies. They prefer to spend class time alternating between yapping at each other and milling aimlessly around the classroom.

I find it difficult to fault their behavior. School in the summer is just so wrong. The sun makes every day feel like Friday. The fact that 6 of the 7 days are not Friday makes the not-Friday days that much more unbearable.

Someone should make a heart wrenching documentary about the horrible injustice of it all. I'll appreciate the effort, but watch Sex in the City 2 instead.


Jarrad Italia said...

crappy tv shows to check out:
Breaking Bad - highly recommend this one.
True Blood - but you have probably already seen it; and
curb your enthusiasm

SuperFantabulous said...

I've seen all of those except reaper. My terrible TV show addiction runs deep.