Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Life is not so wonderful in the Superfantabulous household.

1. I'm blind as a bat living in a household of filthy, rotten see-ers. They go about their visual day, looking at things with their maliciously functioning little eyes.

Lucky for them, their faces are non-descript bulbous blobs in which the eyes are not easily discernible should someone, with say, 20/1000 vision wish to sabotage those precious ocular balls.

2. My obsessive relationship with my dear Zuz has turned violent. Recently my back suffered sever trauma and we've had to temporarily separate.

These two problems have combined to form a perfect storm of super-awkwardness at work.

You see, I went to a local doctor about my back.
He told me to sit as little as possible for a week. At work Tuesday morning I dutifully keeled in front of my desk rather than sitting in the chair.

Thanks to the anti-glasses moment I'm having, I had to lean over the desk to see the computer screen. To the un-initiated, it might have appeared that I was humping my desk.

Oh, well. Such is the price you pay for allowing a Longhead to roam your school halls.


Anonymous said...

Admit it. You really were humping your desk.

SuperFantabulous said...

Yeah, I totally was.