Friday, May 7, 2010

Weirdo on the Bus

For the last two days, I've been on testing duty. Administering a speaking test is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. In fact it is extremely tedious. Never mind, I was thrilled to be trusted with the enormous responsibility (last time around I was on babysitting duty, which is far less pleasant.)

More importantly, there is less than a month left in the prestigious six pack competition. Mr. AwesomeCool contracted man-flu twice in a row to better his chances (vouching on sickly appetite loss to pull him ahead). Unfortunately for him, he didn't count on my laziness. The staggering inconvenience of spending five minutes a day making all my own food is too much for me to bear. I'd rather go hungry than bother with that noise. At this point, my eventual triumph is all but guaranteed.

In other news, the other day Mr. AwesomeCool and I had a strange encounter on the bus. A guy in a bright red track suit planted himself in the seat in front of us and quickly noticed our non-Korean chattering.

"Number one!" He bellowed, rattling around his bag of empty soju bottles.
Mr. AwesomeCool, always willing to give the benefit of the doubt made the mistake of engaging,
"Number one?"
"You from England! Number one!"
"No, we're from America."
"Ahhh! America number two!"

Fine. Whatever. I went back to ignoring the guy and jabbering in non-Korean.

"Beautipul!" He interrupted again.
"What?" Mr. AwesomeCool just can't help himself.
They guy then leaned over and touched my foot.
"Beutipul!" He repeated.
"Her feet?"
"Stop talking to him!" I whispered furiously, jerking my feet away.
"So beautipul!" He was leaning in to get a closer view of my feet when I made a speedy escape to the front of the front of the bus.
The guy took it personally, which is exactly how I meant it. But I really wanted him to take his punishment quietly and far away from me.
"I sorry!" He called out.
"That's OK." Mr. AwesomeCool answered as he stood up.
"Stop talking to him!!" I said, more loudly this time.
The guy followed us to the front of the bus, still apologizing. I pushed the button and we got off at the next stop, even though it was a few stop ahead of ours. Then to make sure that guy would never find me or my feet again, we took the back way home. Then we bought some delicious snacks since we were out anyway.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

maybe he just wanted a closer look at your beautipul peet. You could have obliged by putting one roughly face level. Maybe right in the nose?

SuperFantabulous said...

If anybody's going to worship my peet, I'm going to have to insist on getting paid for it.