Monday, May 31, 2010

Phiting Part 5!

Never fear, SuperFantabulous readers! I have it on good authority that worrying about war with North Korea is for dumbasses. When I first heard about all this torpedo shooting, ship sinking bullshit, I didn't think much of it. Then the whole world started freaking out. When the herd moves, I follow. I tend to not think for myself when there's the potential for dramatic panic episodes. I like to be involved in that shit.

In a state of complete and utter terror, I asked The Princess what she thought
"There will be no fighting." She said flatly.

Apparently she discussed my heightened anxiety with Mr. Giggles:
"America very uncomfortable about North Korea, but Koreans think nothing." He said, emphasizing 'nothing' quite astutely with his hands.

There you have it! The 20 year old, just out of college and still living with their parents experts have spoken! Lay your worries to rest!

In other news, I'm seriously reconsidering my impending Spanish adventure. Europe is a mess. The job doesn't pay that much. I'd have to pay for my own rent and my own flight over there. I'm starting to think I'd have to be a fucking idiot to leave this sweet deal I've got going on. Korea has spoiled me a little bit. I've grown accustomed to my light workload, my paid vacation, my free rent, my free flights home, and having extra money to spend.

Not only that, but Mr. AwesomeCool and I are planning an absolutely amazing vacation. In any other job, would I be planning an absolutely amazing vacation? Absofuckingluetely not. Up until this moment, never in my life did I ever think it would be possible for me to plan an amazing vacation. Mr. AwesomCool and I didn't even have a honeymoon. We've been broke our whole lives.

All this positivity really has nothing to do with anything except a few sunny days. I'm the sun's bitch. The sun smiles down on me and I'm all a flutter. A few days of warmth and my bitter, cold heart thaws. Just a bit, mind you. Don't get all excited. It's not like I'll be nice to you or anything.

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Flint said...

At least they didn't drone on about one blood and how they are all brothers and NK would never attack.

You know, when NK finally goes to far and decides they have to attack first I wonder if these idiots with their heads up their asses will still be bleating "All is well." as Seoul is flattened.