Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love and Other Such Nonsense

Mr. AwesomeCool had a dream about me. He dreamt that I needed his kidney or I would die. He was extremely reluctant to give it up, preferring to keep it in case he ever wants to go on a bender. Lucky for both of us, my real life kidneys have always been extremely healthy.

Despite Mr. Idiot's dire warnings (he's a sexy fucking beast, so I take his advice under consideration) we're continuing with our quest to move to Spain. After about a week I was finally able to track down the Spanish Embassy's website in Seoul. They apparently like to keep it on the down low that they're even here.

Once I had found them, I initiated project 'annoy them to death with progressively irate messages'. When that didn't work, I went through the 'embassy staff' page and initiated project 'badger the individual employees!' That worked. We can apply for our visa in Seoul. Yippeee!!

The Princess and I went on an excursion this week. Unfortunately Mr. Giggles didn't come with us. The Wonder Twins were not able to activate. I was devastated. However, the Longhead we went to see was quite attractive. I informed the Princess. She giggled and said, "You and I have different taste." I wanted to slap her. How dare she have a different opinion than me?

Then during the Q and A session, she got roped into pouring juice for everyone. I was extremely annoyed. She is MY Korean, she should not be expected to pour juice! I helped her hand the cups out so I could put my aids-ridden, drug addicted hands all over them. Now everyone who took advantage of her incredible sweetness will die of Longhead Virus. Next time they'll know better.

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