Friday, May 28, 2010

Light! Reft!

If anyone back home ever complains about the few days of smoke from field burning that happens at the end of summer, like it's a big fucking deal, I'm going to punch them in their fucking face. If they bitch about the wood burning in winter I'm going to slap them silly.

The whole world smells like burned rubber and paint thinner on this side of the planet. Outside the disgusting gray-brown cloud hovers so thick the apartments 20 meters away are shrouded in haze. The surrounding hills are completely hidden behind a putrid wall of fumes.

Besides that, I'm nearly finished with Lost. It's pretty fucking stupid. I guess that's why I watch it. I can't handle anything with subtext or metaphor. It's too fucking deep for me. I can barely keep one thought in my head at a time anymore. I'm being poisoned by the actual, serious, life threatening, pollution problem here.

Mr. AwesomeCool and I are trying to plan our vacation. It's seriously annoying. My school is taking their fucking sweet time in letting me know if I get the days off I asked for. It pretty much ruins my life when I don't get what I want.

Today something hilarious happened in class. The lesson is on directions. I wrote a sentence on the board for the kids to read. I abbreviated left with L. All the kids kept saying 'Right'. I could not figure out why in the hell they were doing that. I looked at my L to make sure it was super 'L'-like. It was. Just to be sure, I informed them all that it was an 'L'. They kept saying right.

Finally the answer got through my thick scull. It's because their r/l letter is an r/l letter (ㄹ). It's not separate. So to them an R and an L are pretty much the same and 'right' is way more fun to say than 'left'. Anyway, lefties are fucking evil. Who wants to be associated with that noise?


Artsarah said...

Fuck you! (from a lefty)

SuperFantabulous said...

I had no idea! I guess I've been inadvertently associating with that noise.

bouncingswami said...

the sooner you get out of there, the better. I spent 7 years in Korea, it was almost the death of me.

Worst county in Asia.