Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since the Spring-like of the fourest seasons has finally and, perhaps, permanently graced us with it's fourish presence I have noticed a disturbing trend. There is sticky, sweaty, hotness involved. The slightest exertion leads to full body dampness.

Some people have said that the Summer here is worst than the Winter. I didn't think anything could be worse than the Winter I just suffered through. I'm naturally prone to freezing my ass off. Sub-freezing temperatures are not my friend. Summer has always been my favorite season, so, when I hear people hating on Summer, like we're all going to be stuck in a steam room for three months, I'm mildly worried.

In other news, I've got, like, a week left on my raw food challenge! Yay me! I truly am the most amazing creature in the universe. Just as I always suspected. For your enjoyment, I'm going to tell you what I've been eating, because it truly is as fascinating as you have always imagined:

For breakfast I eat fruit. But I did that anyway, so it's not that exciting.
For lunch and dinner I put garlic, olive oil, salt and lemon juice in a blender. When it's nice and blendy I add an onion, some kind of greens (like dandelion or collard) and two or three carrots.

When all that is chopped up (kind of like coleslaw) I invariably add more carrots because it's either to sour or too salty and I didn't make enough in the first place anyway. Then I put some in a bowl along with black pepper, red pepper and nutritional yeast (though my supplies are running dangerously low given that nutritional yeast is not Korea's 'thing'.)

In addition to that wonderful delicacy (it really is delicious), I eat a huge bowl of green salad (probably two and by huge, I mean bigger than even your wildest dreams can imagine). My salad has sunflower seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, black pepper and red pepper.

Then for desert, if I have it, which I usually don't, because organic raisins are also not Korea's thing, I'll grind up raisins, sunflower seeds and dried coconut. Not quite like a doughnut, but pretty awesome anyway.

In still other news, Mr. G has not stopped with the K-pop! Why, why can this man not think to use earphones!!

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