Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pee Stick

Today was a phiting day. There were serious altercations in both my classes. I don't remember third grade being so brawly, but I haven't been a third grader for quite some time. Maybe I've blacked out on the elementary school turf wars.

As if that wasn't enough, the school nurse dropped by. She said a few things to the Princess and suddenly all the students were giggling with glee and fleeing the classroom. I stood in my corner and waited Longhead-style for an explanation.

The Princess didn't have the right words for what was happening. We had to look them up. Finally she came up with 'urinalysis'.

Just then one of the third graders came back to class to perfectly illustrate what she was talking about by carrying his pee stick and waving it around as he talked excitedly. We moved to a dryer location.

My first thought was, "Oh, drug testing."
My second thought was, "Wait, these kids are, like, 8."

Even the most hardcore of elementary schools back home, I'm sure do not drug test their students.

And OMG! Mr. Giggles is currently attempting to torture me to death by LOUDLY playing G-Dragon on a loop!! Ear phones, my friend! Ear phones!

Anyway, I never found out what the pee test was for. Perhaps I never will.


Flint said...

Aren't we allowed to kill co-workers that play G-Dragon on a loop? Or at least beat them senseless?

bisforcookie said...

I had the same thing two weeks ago but they had every kid carry a paper cup of his or her own piss down the hallway back to the classroom, which is great because elementary kids are totally not clumsy. I hid safely away from the splash zone.

Mr. Awesomecool said...

Weird. But I am no longer surprised.

Flint said...

I agree with Mr. Awesomecool. Strange but ... meh ... there is so much strange here it gets commonplace.

Kimberly said...

" . . . it doesn't count as exercise unless there is lots of sweat and lots of heavy breathing."

Wow, Mr. Awesomecool must totally love this addiction you have.

Kimberly said...

I crack myself up when I comment on the wrong post. damn you wine! Damn You!

SuperFantabulous said...

Haha! Unfortunately for him, it doesn't have the sexy results you would expect it to have.