Friday, April 16, 2010

The Awful Truth

Today I was responsible for teaching the sixth graders the abhorrent song that goes along with the book. I'm not much on torturing semi-innocent puppies. I can only say that when it comes to these songs, 'I prefer not to.' However 'occasional puppy torture' is in my contract, so I do it anyway.

Today Mr. Giggles made it even worse. He was in the back of the classroom giggling like a maniac. The only thing worse than singing a terrible songs with a bunch of sixth graders is doing it while someone who knows it's about the dumbest thing ever stands in the classroom and laughs about it.

Mr. Toad did not realize it was the dumbest thing ever. He was pretty sure these songs were the best thing ever and that singing and 'crapping' were good for your health.

Mr. G and I were heading up to our third class when he thought, in case it wasn't perfectly apparent before, that he should discuss with me his feelings about the song.

"Students no like song. Song very . . . "
"Bad?" I offered, not having the patience to wait for him to fish whatever word it was he was looking for from his round head.
"No. They feel . . ."
"No. The song is too . . . "
"No . . . hard."
"Oh." I was too shocked to say more. For six months, I have labored under the understanding that it was universally agreed upon that these songs were the epitome of suckage. The world as I knew it had turned an ugly shade of atrocious.
"They have trouble singing. It in minor key."

Given this sudden and remarkable revelation, I tried an experiment. Mr. G said the problem wasn't with the song itself, it was with the tune. They were having trouble staying on pitch. They were pitchy. That is why he was laughing. So for the last few classes, when they had finished learning the song, I would give them a choice.

"Would you like to sing the song again?"
Without fail, class after class responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes!"
I did hear a, "No thank you!" or two, but this is English class. Majority rules. And the majority was bizarrely totally into it. They got to sing the song again.

Here's the lyrics for your enjoyment:

Do you like fall, Nami?
Oh yes, I like fall.
It's cool. I feel good.
Oh yes, I like fall.

Do you like spring, Peter?
Oh yes, I like spring.
It's warm. I feel good.
Oh yes, I like spring.


Flint said...

Ugh! Songs. There are some horrible horrible songs. :(

SuperFantabulous said...

I'm not sure which is worse, the song itself, or the fact that the kids actually like them.