Thursday, March 18, 2010

SuperFantabulous Serious K-Bloggers!

Mr. Idiot is making fun of the most fucking serious and incredibly talented foreign bloggers in Korea. I love it when people get made fun of. Before you get your panties in a wad, remember, I was quite the looker in my younger days. Therefore by default, I am right about everything.

Make no mistake everything I do, I do for the gays, god and saving helpless little ankle biting dogs from the stew pot. However some doggies have a bad attitude. They bark their asses off every time you come in the room, they find it highly appropriate to take a dump wherever they happen to be the moment the urge hits them, you try to play with their ball and they bite your fucking arm off, they stand around like big dumb sacks of salt, generally in the business of being constantly in your way. Those doggies need to be taken down a notch.

I have not read a single one of these highly relevant and literary blogs. The problem with them is that they're invested in The Roundhead Nation. They care that the newspaper is crap, it bothers them that the education system is flawed, they don't like it when politicians go and do something less than sparkling.

I'm just not interested in these well written, incredibly informative gems. Maybe it's because these shenanigans are child's play compared to the nefarious sociopathic goings ons across the ocean in what at one time might have been a democracy (but I doubt it was ever really intended that way.) Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I'm known among my people as a dog-hater. However, it isn't that I hate all dogs, it's that I hate the annoying ones. Everyone I know just so happens to have an annoying dog. In their limited world view it is reasonable to extrapolate my feelings for their dog, into the wide world of dogs in general.

That is so unscientific, not to mention defamatory. I should sue every last one of them! Some dogs do neat tricks. Some dogs lay around and drool. Some dogs can be let outside without doing something stupid, like chasing cats and chickens. Some dogs can't. As you can see, dog quality varies immensely. Try to remember that next time you're in the market (that's pet store, not grocery store, you sicko!), which I may or may not be in the general vicinity of.


Mike in Korea said...

If there is anything more worthless than a k-blogger it is a serious k-blogger.

SuperFantabulous said...

A truer word has never been said.