Saturday, February 27, 2010

SuperFantabulous Moving!

Yes, dear readers, I've been tarred and feathered and dumped into the Sea of Japan trapped in a garbage can filled with regurgitated soju and second hand kimchee. I've been driven out, shamed, defamed and my sparkling reputation stained. After three days, the garbage can disintegrated (it was Korean made after all) now I'm writing to you from a raft made of Lousy Korea's garbage somewhere near Takeshima island.

Mrs. California Mother of Two has succeeded where all others have failed. You see, normally, I'm not one to take a hint. I'll hang around long after I've worn out my welcome. I tend to disregard other people's opinions about where I should be and when.

Actually, the truth of the matter is, I have the mental inertia of a small planet. And if my fans are to be believed, I have the girth of a small planet to match. The point is: I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Though I have broadened my smog filled horizon in one significant respect.

I have moved on to a bigger, brighter, more appropriately SuperFantabulous domain.

Although I'm by no means technologically inclined, I understand there will be automatic redirecting of some sort taking place at some point in the future.

So, without further ado, I now introduce, newer, brighter, more awesome than anyone thought possible!!!

Try to contain yourself. And perhaps update your links.

Thank you



PS. Yu-na Kim drools, Apollo Ohno rules!


Mike in Korea said...

fuck me i hate change

SuperFantabulous said...

You can do it, Mike! I jumped the gun a bit anyway. You have three days to assimilate.

Flint said...

I agree with Mike.

SuperFantabulous said...

Why the separation anxiety, boys? I'm only a url away. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course you're not going anywhere! Why would you when you and your clown following can boost your sad little egos by blogging about how much smarter you are?

Hey look at me! I'm smart, they're dumb. I hate my life but I don't care cuz I get a nice high by blogging about the Roundheads!

LOL LOL LOL. comment moderation has been enabled? hahahahahahaha
Seeing as that you have no filter, why do you need a comment moderation. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA