Saturday, February 27, 2010

Epic Popularity Time!

Ms. Lousy, is by far my favorite fat, fag-cunt with suicidal tendencies in the universe. I absolutely adore her. And thanks to her fat, fag-cuntiness, I remembered something extremely important that I forgot to mention earlier.

There was a ceremony today to celebrate the start of the new school year. I was not invited. My unpopularity is growing to epic proportions. Nobody bows to me anymore in the hallway. Nobody waves and giggles like a little girl at the sight of me. They keep their faces stiff and direct their beady eyes in a downward and away from me fashion.

Calliope, the music teacher who was quite intent on friending me at the beginning of the year has long stopped coming around. Of all the Roundheads I've met, she was the only one I could stand to think about eventually becoming somewhat friendly with. Unlike 99.9% percent of Korean women, she actually had a personality. Her personality annoyed me, but it was better than nothing.

I can't say that I'm unhappy about these developments. I don't like acknowledging people just because we happen to be walking past each other. It's an irritating waste of energy. The last ceremony I went to sucked. I was instantly bored out of my mind. Calliope was not terrible, but I'd really rather be left alone to watch terrible TV shows all afternoon.

I'm OK with being intensely disliked. I intensely dislike 99.9 % of the human population and I have a hard time hiding it.

As long as we can continue disliking each other in a silent, passive-aggressive, contemptuous sort of way, we'll all be fine.


Artsarah said...

You so rock. I have adopted this method at work. I don't acknowledge my coworkers in the hallways. I avert my eyes with a look of forced preoccupation on my face.
I know you didn't like me when we first met and that made me like you. So I forced myself on you and now look at us! BFFs!

SuperFantabulous said...

You totally rock! I liked you the second you started complaining.

Anonymous said...

You don't like me? But... I like [i]you[/i]... :(