Wednesday, February 3, 2010

War of the Immature Married Bored People

Today I was planning on 'In Your Face!'-ing my Dear Husband because he was bragging all over the blogosphere that his blog was the shit and my blog was dick.

Then he lost a follower, and I gained a Mr. Beajesku (or whatever) who is totally readable and French (sigh).

So we were even.

Then I checked his blog today and despite having the most inane post ever he managed to suck another one in!

So now, instead of my dance of happy superiority, I have to do my strip-tease of shame.  Or something.


Mister Baekseju said...

You will soon be able to do your dance of the happy superiority. Mark my words !

SuperFantabulous said...

Yes! Go team SuperFantabulous! :)

Flint said...

Strip tease of shame? dance of superiority? I prefer it the other way around. :)

LouDog said...

Fuck you all.