Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking back

I just looked back and discovered that I have indeed been writing this blog for over two years! That is the extent of my reflection, therefore the title of this post is misleading and you should all be very angry at me.  'Looking back' is such a cliche phrase that I just had to make it the title of this blog because it is one of the two things that really annoy me when it comes to blogging.
1. Reflecting on how your current shitty experience has made you a better/stronger person.  I really hate it when people learn from their mistakes, because I don't and it fucks up the curve.
2. Writing about how quirky you are: I'm scared of clowns! I must wear something purple everyday! I have a cat named Dumpy! If you're genuinely an interesting person, you don't have to tell people, they can figure it out on their own.

My sister arrived back from the US last night.  Mr. AwesomeCool went to pick her up because I was terribly busy watching Californication at 'work' and just couldn't pull myself away from my important tasks.

A few hours later Mr. AwesomeCool called in the middle of my Zuzana time.

"Hi.  Did anybody email you?"
"No, why?"
"Because we've been waiting an hour and your sister didn't show up."
"Ok! I'll call you later!"

I promptly hung up on him because each and every time we've got something important going on, he likes to scare the shit out of me by pretending something has gone terribly wrong.  90 % of the time it works because somehow or other one of us usually manages to fuck something up.

But not this time, buddy.  I was not falling for it.

I didn't call him later, because I knew she showed up.  The hours krept by and I started to get worried.  Finally at 9:30 they came home.
In came the husband, the kids . . . but no sister!
I tried not to show it on my face, but it was like and icy fist clamped down on my stomach and a sickening chill went through my body.
It all made sense! My sister has to leave every three months because she doesn't have a visa.  We'd called and been told that a ticket to Japan wasn't sufficient proof that she'd be leaving the country.  She had to have a ticket home.

"Whatever!" I had said, "They don't know what they're talking about!"
So we went with the much less expensive ticket to Japan.
But now, I thought, "Maybe, just maybe the consulate people actually know more about this than I do! Maybe, just maybe, it is I who is wrong!"

That idea was just so crazy it might for once in my life be true!
My sister was not allowed to board the plane because the sheer awesomeness of Korea means that every Longhead that comes here is going to refuse to leave of their own free will! 

Then I caught a glimpse of Blue who was making that face kids make when they're trying not to smile.  They open their mouths in order to stretch the smile vertically, but only succeed in making themselves look weird while they're still very much smiling.

"What's that smile about?" I asked, hopeful, but still not completely sure my sister wasn't stranded in some major US airport somewhere.

Mr. AwesomeCool accepted defeat, "Alright, come on in, Blue ruined it."

My sister burst in happily and all was well in the world until THIS happened.


Mister Baekseju said...

I am scared of clowns, and my cat is called Kitty. Am I strange?

SuperFantabulous said...

Mr. Baekseju, all French people are strange :)