Saturday, February 6, 2010

Longhead Celebration!

Over the Winter break, I got a TESOL degree. It was the worst fucking class I've ever taken. I would have learned more about teaching by watching "Saved by the Bell" re-runs than I did wading through that piece of shit course.

Since I was on my own for two weeks with no Mr. T to do my bidding, I took my TESOL degree around, showing it to everyone, doing my best to explain that the worthless piece of crap gold-embossed paper I was waving in their faces meant they had to pay me more. Everyone nodded and smiled and patted me on the head.

Ever since then, I've been preparing myself for round two. I really didn't want to involve Mr. T in all of this. I feel putting up with me is enough of a cross to bear. However, I knew deep inside that I was going to have to fight for my extra 100,000 won and I was prepared to do whatever it took!

So today, just as I was finalizing my plans, and watching the rest of "The Blind Side," Mr. T comes into the office and totally interrupts my 'horrible movie time'.

"Good news." He says.
I tense up. Last time he said those words it meant I had been selected to go on some "Sparkling Korea" tour in the dead of Winter, thus completely ruining a perfectly good Saturday.
"Next paycheck, you have a raise."
Color me completely speechless.

He went on to explain that because of my TESOL, plus the fact that where I teach has suddenly been designated rural, I get not only my two new raises, but back pay. Also, since I'm suddenly teaching in a rural zone, I get extra vacation days. Glee!

After that good news, we went on to discuss how much America sucks and is spreading it's suckage to the rest of the world. I was completely on board with him until out of nowhere he blamed all the world's problems on the 'Judas'. Then I was significantly less on board. In fact I immediately jumped ship and backpedaled far, far away.

Changing subjects, he told me he's leaving the school in March. This is not good news for me. The next teacher will probably try to ruin my life. Until proven otherwise that is exactly what I will believe with my whole heart and soul.

Thanks a lot Mr. T! Now I have that to worry about while spending my extra money during my extra vacation! Jerk!


LouDog said...

I know, that sucks for you. Meanwhile my school only two city blocks away is thankfully remaining non-rural. I am so glad I dont have to worry about that extra money and vacation bullshit!

Mike in Korea said...

seriously you didn't go to OFfice Max and make your own degree for 23.00$ I'm not saying that's what I did I'm just saying it is possible.

SuperFantabulous said...

$23 is very cheap and 'someone' who could pull it off is quite the smarty. Unfortunately, I am neither clever enough, nor motivated enough for such an undertaking.

Chris in South Korea said...

Hi there,
What was so bad about the class? Not every TESOL class is worth their salt - but the piece of paper is all most people care about.

Chris in South Korea here - I just discovered your blog via KoreanBlogList and wanted to say hi from one K-blogger to another. I've added you to my Google Reader (the only way to keep up with several dozen K-blogs!) and linked to you on my blog ( It's all about life in Korea, traveling around the country, and the occasional commentary. If you have the time, I'd appreciate a linkback! I know you're busy fencing - next time you have some time, let me know :) Take care for now -- Chris