Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Activities!

I thought it might be fun to mention that there's a new Korean forum in town, headed by our very own town dumb-ass Mr. Idiot. I post over there under the name SqrlNutz. The story behind that name is short and boring so I won't bother.

Turns out, I've hurt a feeling or two over there. I find that creepy people are inordinately drawn to me. They can sense that something about me is not quite right. They guess incorrectly that I have a perverse affinity for creeps.

Anyone who follows this blog should know that interpersonal relations are not my thing. I was not put on this earth to make friends. In fact, aside from people related to me or married to me, I tend to have a natural human repellent (personal hygiene may or may not factor into that).

Long, long ago, after watching one too many Sex in the City episodes with my kids, I started thinking, "I need a group of close, personal friends to have lunch with, share my problems with, and generally be all around fabulous with!" So I made an effort.

I tried talking to people. I quickly discovered that talking to people is an extremely unpleasant experience. In any conversation, I have a lot of pretending to do. I have to pretend that I'm interested, I have to pretend that I wouldn't much rather be somewhere else, I have to pretend that forming thoughts into understandable ideas and sentences comes naturally to me. Sometimes it takes me several hours to a day to recover from such an experience.

So, if I've told you that you look like a llama, take heart. That's just how I am. It doesn't mean I like you any less than all the other slobs out there. It just means that I don't like very many people and you just happen to not be one of them.


PS. I'm watching Phantom of the Opera on YouTube right now. It is a terrible movie.


LouDog said...

"creepy people are inordinately drawn to me" explains why I married you.

Skryfblok said...

Llamas are not too bad... it could have been [add geometric shape here]-face. When you look like a llama you might be able to do something about it -- have a shave... stop spitting...

When you're stuck with a [add geometric shape here]-face, your fate seems somewhat hopeless.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

your kids are gonna be gems. real gems. On the upside they'll never be bored due to the hours and hours and hours and hours of therapy.

SuperFantabulous said...

Lou: Yes, yes it is.
Skry: You're right. Llamas are way better than say, your average roundhead.
WTF: My kids are already gems of the most sparkling nature. Therapy is for shmucks. Calling people llamas is how the cool people get their demons out.

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

You're adorable!

SuperFantabulous said...

Chicken, I've always had a soft spot for your kind. With or without penises.