Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have been doing my Dance of Happy Superiority for literally hours now! Here it is for your viewing pleasure, set to chicken sounds because I adore chickens and it was Mr. Chicken that made this winningest victorious victory possible by becoming my 10th follower!

Of course, I couldn't have done it without Mr. Bejeasku who believed in me from the very beginning! Without his support and encouragement, where would I be? I'd be an Enormous Loser with only nine followers! Also he's French! (Sigh).

And how could I forget little Ms. Pink? She risked it all and took a chance on a fledgling Longheaded blogger long before anyone else dared to take the plunge! Thank you Ms. Pink! I'll never be able to repay you and I'll try not to ever let you down!

Then there's all my hometown peeps who would probably rather not get dragged into this: Ms. Wild who got me through my disastrous stint as a grocery store clerk by taking no shit and giving none either and Ms. Smoke who is literally the only Mom in the whole 4J school district worth talking to.

And last but not least Mr. Idiot who started it all. He sent me on the road to fame and glory by calling my husband a pussy for passing out on a single bottle of soju all those months ago.

Thank you! Thank you all so much! I have to go back to my victory dancing, I've still got a few hours left before bedtime!



Danielle said...

Rock on.

You are totally cooler than him anyways.

LouDog said...

Nuh uh, she is always copying me. I'M THE COOL ONE! I'M THE COOL ONE!!!!LOVE ME NOT HER!!!