Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My husband has a new goal in life. He wants to move to Uruguay and open a restaurant. I'm not so sure about this. Between the two of us, we know jack shit about running a restaurant. Or any business for that matter. We have no financial savvy and we are quite handi-capeable of running anything into the ground. How do you think we ended up over here?

I have goals in life too. I want to become fluent in a foreign language (not Korean, obviously). I want to live somewhere warm (I need continuous sunshine or my soul shrivels up and retreats into a deep, dark pit of malevolence). I want to be able to do five pull ups in a row. All of these things can be accomplished in Uruguay.

We've started making tenuous steps toward the next big move.

1. I've learned where Uruguay is. I could not for the life of me figure out why the only direct flight was from Miami. It turns out I had no idea where South America was. I thought it was directly below California. I was really, really wrong.

2. We've researched the wildlife. Mr. AwesomeCool did not want to move anywhere without monkeys. Some reports say there are monkeys, some say there aren't. We're going with 'are'. There are also armadillos, guinea pigs, and parrots. The cuteness overwhelms us.

3. We've thought of names for our restaurant. Mr. AwesomeCool is pushing pretty hard for 'Vegina'. I think 'Handbanana' would be better.

And, really, besides those three things what else could possibly matter? Nothing. Uruguay, you had me at 'there may or may not be monkeys.'


LouDog said...

We really need to talk about what we are going to write about each day before work, so we don't keep posting on the same topic.

Mister Baekseju said...

I think that it actually is a good concept to see your different genderly-clouded judgements about the same discussion.

SuperFantabulous said...

We've been together so long we're attached at the brain stem. And anyway, I posted FIRST! So you are feeding off my brilliant ideas to make yourself look better.

LouDog said...

No, I started writing mine as soon as I got to work, I did not even see yours until I posted my MUCH longer post.
Yours was posted first because it was not as long, or as good.


LouDog said...

I have 15 followers now.

SuperFantabulous said...

It's only temporary. I will prevail in the end!!!

LouDog said...