Monday, February 8, 2010


Before the break, WWIII nearly broke out in the 6-4 English class. Mr. Toad was giving a lecture on American culture, which only makes sense. I mean, who better to teach about what it's like to live in America than a Korean who's never even left Korea, especially when someone who was born and raised in America is standing right next to him? Completely logical situation!

Most of said lecture was in Korean, so I was not able to refute or corroborate any of what he was saying until he started talking idioms starting with, "He has a good taste." Which he wrote on the board.

I looked in the book to see if he had read that right and indeed, there in the government issue English book was that exact phrase, "He has a good taste."

At that point I totally interrupted for several reasons:

1. It annoyed me to the nth degree that he was even talking about American culture in the first place.

2. It annoyed me to the nth degree + 1 that he was doing it all in Korean so I couldn't interrupt earlier with my amazing insights into my own culture.

3. Most importantly, Koreans of the male persuasion are on average more effeminate than all but the most queeniest of queens back home and way more into touching each other in public. On the off chance that any of these girly boys are ever able to escape this infernal rice patty, I couldn't have them running around implying that they've been tasting each other and liking it.

Me: "It should be 'he has good taste' not 'he has a good taste'.

Mr. T: Stare.

Me: "'He has a good taste' means 'he tastes good.'"

Mr. T: Stare. Glare, "But in the book-"

Me: "The book is wrong."

Mr. T: Stunned silence. Stare. Glare. "I don't think so."

Me: "Yes. The book is wrong."

Mr. T: Sharp intake of breath. Stunned silence. Stare. Glare. "We talk about later."

Me: "Fine." I said and erased the 'a' for good measure cause I'm a bad ass motherfucker.

Mr T: Sigh.

Now this all brings us to last Saturday. To celebrate my sister's return, we went to the Loving Hut Buffet in Seoul. Since I care about you all so deeply, I'm posting the directions: Loving Hut near Achasan Station (Purple line 5).

You can see the sign for it when you come out of exit 1. The restaurant is on the second floor. (Across the street is Children's Grand Park).

It opens at 6:00 for dinner on Saturday.

We arrived at 5:15, barged in and were told to get the fuck out until 6:00. So we went back down to the street where I did something completely out of character. I made an impulse purchase.

Now, I don't enjoy shopping for clothes. I don't really enjoy clothes in general. The fact that I wear them at all has a lot to do with it being illegal not to. Until I had to buy work clothes for Korea, I hadn't bought a single article of clothing in over two years. I have two pairs of shoes. I have two pairs of jeans. Clothes do not thrill me.

The fact that I bought the shirt is weird enough, but even weirder is that the shirt is completely ridiculously hideous and something I would have run screaming from before I came over here.

Here! Why don't I just show you, cause I'm wearing it right now!

Exhibit A: Ms. SuperFantabulous. She does not have a good taste.

(It's backwards because I took it with my computer. It says, "I have great pressure of work today". It also has a cat saying, "Woops!!")

What the fuck is wrong with me?? Seriously.


Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

I totally want that shirt! Its so nonsense its hilarious.

Mike in Korea said...

I kind of think you were wrong for contradicting him in class.

SuperFantabulous said...

I'm glad it is so bad that it might be good!

SuperFantabulous said...

Mike, I'm sure you're right, but I can't help thinking 'how could it be wrong if it feels so right?'

Mike in Korea said...

I feel the same way when the kids sit on my lap

SuperFantabulous said...

Woah, Mike, woah!! Just . . . Woah!!

Frank Polenose said...

Hey funny shirt and I like the way you write your blog. Makes me smile! :-)
Frank @ Secured Loans

Danielle said...

I almost bought that shirt. I love it! But, it's super long, like pajamma style.

SuperFantabulous said...

Thanks Frank, I aim to please, unless it inconveniences me in any way.

SuperFantabulous said...

Danielle, thanks to my freakish tallness it's only slightely longer than a normal shirt on me.