Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yesterday Sucked

'Body Parts' day bit the big one. I'm not sure why. Last week there were plenty of activities to fill the morning. This week, I had gaping holes of time to suck. I panicked and taught them 'The Hokey Pokey.' Not my most shiniest of moments.

To make matters worse, the principle (Mr. Darty Eyes) decided to make an impromptu visit. Luckily he doesn't understand a word of English, so for his benefit, I asked the kids easy questions and behaved in what I believe was an 'enthusiastic' manner. For all he knew, I was teaching the little geniuses Shakespeare, so I'm just going to pretend I was.

Today went much better and I have to give credit to Mr. Toad. Remember back when he and I were 'discussing' my lesson plans? Well, that stupid "Golden Bell" activity he was so into is freaking awesome. It is a series of riddle-type questions such as "I am round, I am red, I am a fruit, what am I?"

The kids absolutely love it. The school bought little white boards for all of them to write the answers on and wave above their heads frantically when they're finished which made it that much more magical. I quizzed them for 40 minutes today and they paid attention and were quiet the whole time.

There was one tense moment when Billy Student nearly had a meltdown because he couldn't spell 'snow', but I lead him back from the edge by writing it for him on his white board and he jumped right back in the game by waving my answer above his head frantically for me to check.
"Yes, Billy, the answer I just gave you is the correct one."

Eight days down two to go!


Danielle said...

I tried the riddle thing in my class. It didn't go over so well.

I said
"What is brown, red, and black and it's all around us?"
Answer-- School Uniforms

"You say it's dirty and smelly and it's really old."
Answer -- The School.

What did my KT translate to the class? "She just called you black, dirty and smelly." Nice, right.

Then she spread the rumor to her classes on Saturday. When I came to school on Monday, none of my 1st grade students would speak to me, and they refused to participate in class. It was terrible.

I bitched about it and the KT had to go around and explain that she mistranslated to each class. Most students forgave the whole incident, but some still won't participate or speak to me.

SuperFantabulous said...

Your co-teacher sounds like a dick!