Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Killers

Deskwarming: adj. The means by which the Korean government attempts to drive Longheads mad by inflicting extraordinarily brutal amounts of mind numbing boredom upon them, thereby giving the Korean government an excuse to deport the Longheads post haste, before they have had a chance to infect the masses with their drunken, slutty, AIDS spreading and Korean women stealing ways.

Little do my handlers know, that this Longhead is a master at the art of time suckage. My two favorite activities in the whole world are eating and watching TV. I am perfectly content to sit at my desk and watch shows all day. If I've got something to eat, eating wins out. I can't eat and watch TV, so it's good that I don't have food.

So far, I have watched the entire season of Entourage and Dexter.

Entourage annoys the fuck out of me. I can't fucking stand the way that band of losers worships that Jim Morrison wannabe Vince Chase. The way they make him the center of their universe makes me want to punch them all in the face. Why? Probably because I'm jealous. But I refuse to admit anything.

Dexter has always been a huge disappointment to me. The first few seasons, I was disappointed that he didn't knife his sister the first time she let lose a whiny expletive littered tirade over something stupid. Also, Dexter is waaaaaay too fucking cerebral. Less thinking! More chopping! This season I've come to terms with Dexter's disturbing moral code, but I still find him lacking. I guess when it comes to psychos, I prefer predatory maniacal nut jobs, not sniveling, rationalizing, softies.


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