Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr. Popular

What the Eff?? Suddenly This Guy is the homecoming queen of the SuperFantabulous household.
"So pretty and popular." (What movie's that quote from?)

His blog is way, way, way more popular that mine. He says that this is some kind of super feat because I've been blogging for two years and he only just started.

I don't think it's been two years . . . If so, that might be a little pathetic. Not that I started blogging to get 'followers' and 'hits'. I'm an artist! A writing artist! I need an outlet to express my creativity! I also need groupies! Lots of groupies! More groupies than he has!!

"Why do they like him more than me?" I asked myself. Then the answer hit me like a Stephanie Meyer "Murmer" to the head.
They like him because of me! What would he have to write about if it weren't for ME!

Therefor, I have co-opted his success. Anybody who drools all over his blog is drooling over mine by association. His love is my love. His groupies are my groupies. After all isn't sharing what marriage is all about?


LouDog said...

Does that mean you would take half my hits, and split custody of my followers in a divorce?

Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

I only read his blog because I read yours first. Although I do like how he spills all the embarrassing little tidbits about you like how you sodomize him and such. You need to sink to his level, maybe.

SuperFantabulous said...

I would sink to his level if he ever did anything interesting. Snap!

Reprobate said...

Testosterone, my dear sqrlnutz. Your estrogen laiden rhetoric can't hold a candle to the writing backed be male hormones. It's all in the code.

SuperFantabulous said...

And here I thought it was something simple like grammatical incorrectness.