Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like, LIKE like VS Love

One of the other teachers had pity on me and my apparent boredom and brought in 500 Days of Summer for me to watch. I'll spare you my scathing review, and cut right to the part where the guy who brought it was very confused about the whole premise of the movie.

"Why Summer broke out with Tom?"
"Well, Summer broke up with Tom because she didn't love Tom."

Teacher then wrote (having decided speaking English had become too difficult), "Why she ask that question at to Tom?"

Then he fast forwarded the movie to the part where Tom is post break-'out' and bitching to his blind date about what a soulless monster Summer is for leaving him.

The date says something like, "Look, you whiny motherfucker, quit your fucking bitching and moaning! Summer told you up front she didn't want a boyfriend, didn't she? She didn't cheat on you, she didn't take advantage of you in any way while you were together, right? So, why don't you quit crying like a little bitch and get the fuck over it?!!"

Then Teacher wrote, "Does that prove Summer love Tom?"

"Summer liked Tom. She might have liked him a lot, but Summer didn't love Tom. In America, people date lots of people , they don't have to love them, they just have to like them (thus reinforcing the Americans-are-huge-sluts stereotype magnificently)."

He didn't like it (what a hopeless romantic!) but was finally able to accept it, or decide that I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about and went back to never after where he belongs.

After that, I thought it was time to traumatize the Koreans so I made them watch this video:

They took it disappointingly well.

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