Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Kidding!

The Seoul Veggie club meet up is SUNDAY, not SATURDAY! Those of you who followed the link and are actually able to read (unlike me!), have probably figured this out. Those of you of the space cadet variety (like me! Ooooh! Shiny things!), may need it spelled out. S-U-N-D-A-Y!

Today was my last day of Winter camps!! I survived! In celebration, I made today 'Worksheet Day' and created a paper work inferno in order to properly dispose of all the activities I printed out and didn't have time for during the last two weeks. The kids dutifully got their write on and an awesome time was had by all.

For the last half hour of class, we played Hangman. Korean kids like to play Hangman a little differently than we do in the US. Guessing letters in an organized manner and methodically figuring out the answer is for pussies! Randomly guessing whatever word pops into your head is the way the cool kids get things done!

For example: I picked 'Food' for the category. My word had six letters.

The minute I finished drawing the gallows, half the class had their hands waving wildly in the air!

*Side note: The first day of class, I had the kids make and decorate elaborate name tags with their Korean name on one side and their English name on the other in an effort to break my habit of calling everyone 'You'. 'You' is not a cool English name, but even with all the time and effort wasted on making the things, I instantly forgot about them and everyone is still named 'You.'*

"No. It's not bread. Let's pick a letter. Ok . . . You."
"No, it can't be egg, because the word has six letters." I count the letters for them again, "See? Six letters, Ok? Um . . . You."
"No, the other 'You'. That 'You'. The 'You' behind 'You'."
"No, it isn't bear! It's a food, remember? One of 'You' pick a letter! 'You'!"
"Nope. 'You'."
"Ok, let's pick some vowels!" I write the vowels on the board, "'You'."
"No, it isn't chicken! Pick one of these letters: A E I O U! 'You'!"
"Yes! It has two 'O's!"

From there, the super smart girl, 'You', was usually able to guess the word (NOODLE!) and then we'd have to start the whole freaking process over again. Still, it was not a terrible way to wile away my last half hour of Winter Camp!!

10 down 0 to go!!

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