Friday, January 8, 2010

Gammmeee Day!!

Having already forgotten the lesson I learned yesterday, I thought it would be brilliant to once again change my lesson plan with only a few minutes before the kiddies were scheduled to arrive.

Today's theme was going to be 'Family'. I had enough planned to fill up a half an hour because I was going to have another 'Mooooobie day!' However, given yesterday's profound disinterest in anything Englishee and mooooobie related, I scrapped that idea and made today's lesson 'Family + Games!'

Four of my students did not show up today, probably due to the impromptu facts of life lesson I gave via my gratuitous animal sex video.
I did my family lesson, then it was nothing but games from then on. We played Simon Says, we played Hangman (I was erroneously told by Mr. Toad that third graders do not know the alphabet. That was a huge lie. Each and every one of those fuckers knows it by heart) and we played a dumb face race game I found online that sucked, but whatever, it killed about 20 minutes. I was considering musical chairs, but I was pretty sure Tony student was not opposed to fatally injuring the other students in the interest of winning the game, so we played Hangman again instead.

I had a girl team and a boy team and gave each team a point for winning, being helpful and generally not running around being kicking and punching jerks. Unfortunately, I have a hard time paying attention to anything not directly related to me, so there was much arguing over the points. I might have missed a few cheating type things and forgotten to award a point here and there (Bonus lesson: Life is not fair!) Several students felt major injustices had occurred and since I didn't have a prize for the winning team anyway, it was a hollow victory. The only thing that made it worthwhile was hovering the eraser menacingly over the 'boys' points to symbolically beat Tony student into submission.
And that ends my first week of camps! One down, one to go!

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