Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I got kicked out of the social club. I was informed yesterday like this:
Coteacher: What do you think about not attending sociar crub? What do you think about that?
Me: ?
Coteacher: You eat diffelent food. It bettah you not go.

The truth is I was very excited to hear this news. I am not a social person. I did not enjoy the social club at all. But if I'm being kicked out, it's a different story. It makes me indignant.
I can tell it wasn't really about the food. That was just a convenient scape goat. It's because they think I'm weird and don't want to be around me lest they become infected with waygook creepy. I will find another way to spread my strangeness! They and their precious social club haven't heard the last of me!
Cue diabolical laughter.
Something along these lines:

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LouDog said...

You are too beird to be da sociar crub.