Friday, November 6, 2009


There's been a debate going on in our household as to whether eating dogs is worse than eating traditional farm animals. I say yes. Everyone else is against me. As usual.
Being a hard line vegan, one might think I wouldn't compartmentalize. However, I have known and loved farm animals and I have known and tried to appreciate dogs. One thing I have learned is that no matter how much you love a chicken, she isn't going to love you back. She might recognise you and run to you if she thinks you're going to give her a treat, but she doesn't really enjoy your company. She can learn to tolerate you holding and petting her, but she doesn't really like it and would much rather be scratching and pecking with her friends.
A dog is different. You can read their emotions in their faces. They genuinely adore you. They want to be around you. The will try to protect you.
I might not be particularly fond of dogs, but to me slaughtering a dog is worse.
Today while on my way to school, I saw these dogs that I hoped didn't really exist. They were packed tightly into wire cages, on the back of a truck, they didn't even have room to stand up or move. They looked very sad. Hopefully they had no idea what was coming. I nearly lost it on the bus. Instead of jumping into the street and ripping the cages off the back of the truck and breaking them open, like I should have, I could only stare, completely stunned and horrified.
Does the thought of eating a dog sicken you? Maybe you should rethink your diet, because, while the thought of slaughtering and eating a dog reaches whole new levels of revolting, eating cows, pigs and chickens isn't far behind. Contrary to popular belief, farm animals don't have a happy life. And dogs are not always man's best friend.

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