Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Start! Totally Vegan!

Today, having grown tired of the meager offerings at our local organic food stores, we ventured out to Bundang in search of Huckleberry Farms, a New Zealand natural food store that had set up shop in Korea. It took four transfers and two hours of travel time and then . . .
It was out of business. Before we left, I checked the corporate website to make sure the store was still open to make sure that just such an event would not happen.
Guess what? Those blasted Kiwis hadn't bothered to update their bloody website! What a bunch of sheep loving, lazy layabouts! Just for that, I'm never visiting New Zealand. Ever!! The sheep can have it.
To make the whole day less than a complete waste of money and time, we went to New Start restaurant in Seoul. It was absolutely amazing. Lots of variety, delicious vegan food and only about $10 for adults. Sadly, I forgot my camera so there are no pictures.

In further news, a while back I got a tracker on my blog to tell me things about my blog cause I just can't get enough of myself and of things that have to do me. One of the things it tells me is search engine entries that lead to my blog. I hardly ever check the stupid thing because hardly anyone reads this stupid blog, but tonight I found a strange and disturbing query: spitting blood and numb hand is it serious
To that question, I would have to say to whoever had those symptoms and had the further misfortune of stumbling onto this site instead of something helpful is that, Yes!! Emphatically YES! It is serious!! Hopefully you went to the emergency room post haste and didn't linger on the story I posted that brought you here! If anyone experiences spitting blood or numbness while reading my blog, you've clearly developed an allergy to my acerbic tone and volatile language and should discontinue use immediately. Go watch 90210 re-runs instead.

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