Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Co-Teacher decided it would be in everyone's best interest if I exercised my creative streek. First I was to cut an ant and a grasshopper out of felt that we were going to attach to our heads with rubber bands.
The obvious question, "Why are we going to wear felt ants and grasshoppers on our heads?" went unasked. When an idea this super fantabulous gets formulated, the reason behind it is the least of your worries.

"How about dis a one?" He asked, pointing to a grasshopper laying in a hammock holding a violin. The grasshopper was a complicated tangle of legs, body segments, and antenna, "Can you do da violin, too?"
I shook my head incredulously, "I don't think so." He must have mistaken me for the Michelangelo of felt cutouts.

Always the underachiever, I selected the most simple grasshopper I could find, removing a few legs for good measure.
When I was finished I showed it to Co-Teacher Lee.
"Wohahaha! Grasshopper hab a no wings! He rook rike caterpillar! Wohahahaha!" He had his laugh and calmed down, "It's OK. It very nice."

Next up was the ant. I once again omitted a pair of legs for simplicity and continuity. I mean, we can't suddenly have an ant show up with six legs when the poor amputee grasshopper, only has four! The entomology police would show up!

I finished the ant and handed it over.
"Woahahahaha!! Ant as big as grasshopper!! Whoahahahaha! Belly stlong ant! Whoahahaha!" He calmed down again, "It's ok. It very nice."

Lucky for me, this week, swine flu inoculations prevented the lesson from taking place where we were going to don insects on our heads. However, I'm sure we'll make up for it next week. After all, we couldn't possibly let my artful creations go to waste.

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