Monday, October 19, 2009

Where's Atreyu When You Need Him!

I need a new name. My current blogger name is tired and outdated. I am an expat. Hopefully I will remain an expat.
Right before I moved to Korea, I was really hoping I would hate it so I could move right back. I wanted the kids to stay in their bi-lingual schools, I wanted my gym, I wanted my grocery stores. Now that I'm here and the dreadful packing is over with, I hope I never go back.
So today while I was 'working', I was looking at where I want to move to after Korea. If I stay in Korea another year, I'd like to live in Busan, cause it's slightly warmer and beachy there. If not, I've been looking at Spanish classes in Alicante, Spain. Extra warm and beachy there. I would also like to learn French and give France another try. First impressions can sometimes be wrong, after all.
Mr. AwesomeCool has his sights set on New Zealand or Australia. He's thinking about making this teaching thing a career at a University. And the kids are thinking Japan.
So many choices!! And all I had to do was take that first leap!!

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LouDog said...

wouldn't mind doing a year in Japan after this, but I want the girls to go to high school somewhere where they can speak the language.