Friday, October 23, 2009

Pouring Like An Avalanche Coming Down The Mountain

I'm on the mend. The hike was not nearly as bad as riding there with the music teacher. She nearly hit someone, she went the wrong way in a one way, and she ran a red light. Believe it or not, that was just getting out of the parking lot.
From there, we stopped on the freeway (not on the shoulder, mind you, in the middle of the freeway), she ran over huge chunks of rubble left over when some other Korean smashed into a merge divider, she got distracted by her navigation system (which all Koreans have because it would be impossible to find your own ass in Korea without one) and veered into oncoming traffic. Luckily, all Koreans drive like this, so they expected as much and were prepared for it and we survived.
After the hike, which really was rather momentous, we had dinner. I sat on the floor at a table about 8 inches off the ground. My legs instantly fell asleep. At least I didn't have to worry about them anymore.
We had buckwheat pancakes with kimchi in them and iced buckwheat noodle soup. I was suspicious of the broth so I only ate the noodles. There were also some non vegetarian things not worth mentioning
At the beginning of the meal, I was offered the traditional Korean rice wine called makkori. It didn't seem very strong so I had two more. Then I felt a little floaty. Weirdly, my chopstick handling greatly improved. My conversational skills did not. I pretended to be immensely interested in my surroundings and avoided eye contact, lest anyone attempt yet another discussion about how tall I am or if I've tried kimchee. I was halfway through the third makkori when the first and second hit me.
My co-teacher gave me a funny look when I stopped drinking it and said, "It's ok. You not dliving. You dlink."
I not want dlink. I thought, feeling that it was too late. I've lived up to the stereotype. From now on, they'll all think of me as the Waygook Engrish teacher who drinks too much makkori. Sigh.

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