Friday, October 9, 2009

First Week of Work!

It was only two days since I started on Thursday, but still, I'm reporting as if it were a momentous occasion. Here's how it went. Class until lunchtime, then we sit in our giant office at our respective desks doing nothing until it's time to go home. Even though we're doing nothing for four hours, we can't leave a minute early as I discovered yesterday when I thought I got done at 4:30, when I actually get done at 4:40.
"You have to stay here until 4:40. That is when it's time to go. It is your duty to stay until then."
So I sat back down and got an extra ten minutes of doing nothing in. I feel like I'm playing hookie at work and am going to get caught. I'm sure eventually, someone's going to figure out that they're paying me too much to sit around and I'll actually have to do something to prove that I've got bang for the buck, but until then I'm keeping my mouth shut.
Koreans are overly nice. They bought me a new computer to use for work. They bought us a bed for our kids and Nanny Jane. When we got to the store they give us things for free. I'm not sure what it means. I feel disconcerted. Just today, someone knocked 100 won of something I was buying. It's only about 10 cents, but still. Nobody does that kind of stuff in America. Everybody's got to worry about balancing their till. Not that I did.
Tonight what I assume was an insecticide truck blasted a siren and released noxious gas into the streets. The masses went on as if they weren't being gassed with toxic chemicals. I knew better and went tearing down the street in the opposite direction, but then the truck cut me off, still spewing thick white smoke. I gave up and went into a grocery store where I saw my first expat, other than the herd I brought with me. I was ready for excited greetings and exchangings of stories, but he totally ignored me. I've heard about these aloof expats, but it's hard to believe such douchery exists.
"Don't look at him!" I hissed at everyone, cause I knew that's exactly what he wanted us to do. Why you gotta act like it's not cool to see another whitie (or half whitie in my case) in a sea of Koreans? I mean, he's the first one I've seen since I got here! I still haven't seen a cat by the way. He was buying ground beef and had a disgusting pony tail, so it's not like I would have given him the time of day under any other circumstances. We are so much cooler than him anyway cause we devour the strange Korean greens, the grocery store ladies stuff extra leafs in our bags after weighing them and give us tangerines and gold plastic pigs! We should be ignoring you! So go suck on your bitter beef, aloof expat, and wonder why you're such a lonely loser.

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