Friday, August 21, 2009

Nick And Nora

What the hell is with the recent influx of movies starring Michael Cela and an unconventional looking indie chick? Is this what has become of the teen movie? Whatever happened to the prom queen dating some off beat loser such as Some Kind of Wonderful? Or The Breakfast Club, or Say Anything? What's with the mediocre, not very interesting people dating other mediocre not very interesting people? And is there anything more annoying than straight edge? I mean, don't drink or do drugs, sure, but do you have to do it cause your part of some quasi-alternative movement? Do you have to be like, "Oh, I'm straight edge." The whole conforming while being anti-conformistness of it made me want to do a line of coke.
And what was with that 'sex scene' in the studio? Did they do it with their pants on or did he give her a hand job? Either way, I would really rather have heard the song he was about to play. I was actually annoyed that she interrupted him. My kids couldn't figure out what was happening either. "What did they just do?" They asked, of course they also would have rather heard the song. I said, "Something sexual, but I have no idea what." Speaking of sexual, what is the point of having gay people in your movie if they don't at least kiss? Just once, just so we know you're serious about representing gay people in your movie. And what was with Nora's 'boyfriend?' Towards the end, they pushed the idea that he was only with her to get his record to her dad, but earlier, Nora said they'd been together three years. So she was what? 17? That dude was dating a 14 year old? And he stuck around, for three fucking years on the off chance she might give his record to her dad?? THREE YEARS?? Whatever. That was stupid.
Furthermore, Trista would have never, ever dated Nick. Never. Not in a million years. Never.
The only part I found mildly redeeming was the drunk girl. Maybe I'm a repressed alcoholic, but she seemed like someone I could hang out with. Despite all this, I can't say I didn't somewhat enjoy this movie, which speaks less to the quality of the movie and more to the fact that I'm starved for entertainment.

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