Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Asshr Coupr. Engrish Teachr.

I really have no interest whatsoever in going there. It's just that my disinterest in being in RainyTown supersedes all other considerations. It's just the actual getting myself (ourselves) there that I'm not happy about. I can't believe it's already been almost a year since I went to Spain!! How is that possible?? Really! How is it possible that a year can go by that fast? That is one good thing about ordeals. Being in the middle of one makes time slow to a near standstill. Any ordeal will do.
It still might not happen, but we have a job, they're sending us our letter of appointment which, when we get it, we can get our visas. Then supposedly, we go over there and live for a year.
Another thing I'm not interested in is full time work. I have never held a full time job for more than a month. And now I'm suddenly expected to work for a whole year? But this is serious. I have a contract. I am under pain of eviction and deportation, should I one day shrug and say, "Meh. I'm tired of working." Also, unlike the Spanish people, the Korean's actually expect you to work while you're at work. So I've been told, anyway.

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