Monday, July 27, 2009

Icksnay on the Laskaay

Mr. AwesomeCool feels that you need something called money to go on a transcontinental road trip. And it's really too bad as that awful She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named governor is officially all gubered out.
However, there may still be bright horizons of travel in our future. We did just get back from my cousin's wedding in Tacoma. My sister, her new husband and us four took a day trip to Seattle where we went to green lake to work up an appetite for Cyber Dogs and then Mighty O vegan doughnuts. I was so full after Cyber Dogs that I had to save my doughnut for later.
The next big trip might be to Korea. If you ever feel like an unhirable loser, go to ESL Cafe and start applying for teaching positions. The positive response you get verges on stalking. We applied and have a few good prospects. This would mean leaving our house, homeschooling the girls and most horrifically living in a country where I wouldn't be able to decipher labels for vegan-ness. Oh well, eating a few untoward items beats living jobless among the most overqualified population on the planet!
Actually, I don't mind being jobless. I mind being penniless. I find it unsettling that the two should so frequently go hand in hand.

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