Sunday, July 5, 2009


Why do we celebrate our independence from Great Britain? We would be soooooo much better off had we stayed! I would gladly exchange they're King George for our modern day tyrannical Georges! Just think of it! Us, part of the EU! We would have high speed rail system, health care, paid vacation, a decent minimum wage. Wouldn't that be fun? We could retire to Southern Spain or France and get a pension! We would have ridiculously cheap university! Sure, there's a few annoying things we'd have to put up with (read my Campillos blogs for mad ravings about bank fees, grocery store closures, not getting paid on time), but overall we'd be so much better off.
I'll still watch the fireworks and we have a huge amount of fireworks we bought cheap July 5th of last year, but, like most people, I'll really be celebrating pretty explosions and not that I'm not a British citizen.

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