Thursday, June 25, 2009

Health Care Reform

2 4 6 8! Single Payer cannot wait!
What do we want? Health care!!! When do we want it?? NOW!!!!

So here is a cool little link that allows you to send a fax to your rep, telling them that they suck ass and need to get their soul back from the lobbyists.

Click here to send your fax.

Furthermore, go here to sign a petition for single payer AND send a letter to your local newspaper, all at once! Yay!!!

And remember, this is important cause:
RainyTown's reps are insurance whores!

See the sad thing is, our reps aren't afraid of us like they should be. They're sitting fat and happy with their excellent health care, and all the perks they get from being the lap dogs of the rich and powerful. We're just the schmucks who vote them in.

Here's Ron Wyden blathering on about his plan for health care which is the same as Obama's and not enough to make any real change. This plan would still leave tens of millions of people without health insurance. We would all be required to buy health insurance and pay premiums. Bullshit.

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