Sunday, June 7, 2009

Empty Nest

I took my beloved chickens out to my aunt's house. I didn't want to do it, but they'd developed an annoying obsession with a street lamp, right next to the road and in our neighbors yard. Also, they didn't appreciate the fact that they couldn't self determine their outside time. They demanded freedom!!
So yesterday we took them out. I worried that the other chickens wouldn't like them, I worried they would get eaten by a hawk, and I especially worried that the goat they share the hen house with would step on them with her sharp little hooves.
It's only been a day, but none of that has happened yet. Yesterday when they joined the herd, I lingered by the chicken house, watching them to make sure they fit in. Little One got pecked at by the other banty ("Step bitch!" I shouted and flapped my hand threateningly in her face till she backed the fuck off). Chicken Jane took an instant and intense disliking to two gray chickens twice her size and ferociously fought them any time they dared to come near her person. The two blondies just hung around, milling, in a non-committal sort of fashion, the way blondes do.
I called my aunt three times to check on them before she finally answered. After she assured me that none of them had fallen victim to an errant hoof, or been pecked to death, she said the four of them are sticking together in a little gang (they were raised in the city after all, they have a different culture and dialect.) Hopefully they'll be able to mingle with the country folk soon, despite the language barrier. And that peck happy banty better check herself before she wrecks herself!!

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Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

That was an awesome post. Poor little suburban chicks.