Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buns in the Oven!

My life has been invaded. Suddenly, I find myself the mother of quadruplets. Only they're a lot cuter and more fun than regular babies. Here's a picture:

This was taken about two weeks ago. They are twice this size now. There are two brown ones and two silkies. I let them out in our front yard (Hey, its a meadow/gravel pit, chickens only add to the decor) every morning and bring them in when it starts getting dark. I like to sit in the yard and read and watch them run around, pecking things. Sometimes I pick clovers and dandelion greens and feed them. For some odd reason, they rush over to snatch bits out of my hand, not realizing they are literally surrounded by these delicacies. They started out on spinach, when they were still too little to go outside. When we first got them, they were so small, two of them could fit in a sock and the girls would carry them around. Sock buddies.
Of course these aren't my chickens. What would we do with them? We don't eat eggs. I think chickens would make great pets though. They are warm and soft and they will put up with being held and scratched on their necks if you've held them as babies. They are also tough and resourceful so they don't particularly need you most of the time. They can be demanding though. In the morning, at around 8:30, they've definitely decided that it's time for them to go outside. And before that, they had opinions about when it was time for their spinach. I think chickens have a very bad rap. I've never met a chicken I didn't like. In my four babies, there are four distinct personalities. Big White, one of the silkies is brave and doesn't feel the need to always follow the herd. Chicken Jane, the bigger brown one thinks she should be boss and doesn't like it when the others run around unnecessarily. The other silkie, Gerta follows Big White wherever she goes, and the smallest, Little One wants everyone to stay together and starts peeping loudly the minute someone goes off by themselves. When they're bigger, they will go out to my aunts house to join her thriving herd and I will miss them.


Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

They are so cute! How did you get to be chicksitter?

LouDog said...

They look delicious!

Expat Wannabe said...

My aunt bought a bunch of babies and had everything we needed (heat lamp, chick food, vitamins for their water) to take a few home. Right now they're all sitting on the edge of their box, watching and waiting patiently to be let out.