Sunday, March 22, 2009

They Must Be Doing This On Purpose

This article explains how the US secretary of the treasury, Timothy Fucking Geithner took the clause OUT of the stimulus bill that would have prevented these AIG mother fuckers from getting their million dollar bonus (which our own Ron Wyden along with Olympia Snow of Maine put in). Obama doesn't give a shit and still thinks Geithner is awesome. We are clearly being provoked. They give a trillion dollars to these companies that were being belligerent with their morgage backed securies and subprime lending (or whatever it was), instead of giving to the people who are losing their homes, jobs, everything. Then the assholes take that money and instead of lending money to the people like they were supposed to, spend it on buyouts. Then they REWARD the people working for these companies, some of the ACTUAL PEOPLE that directly contributed to this mess, with million dollar bonuses? This cannot be an accident. But WHY are they doing this? What is the big plan here? Inciting riots so they can declare martial law? I don't know, but if I had any stimulus money, I'd invest it all in pitchforks and torches.

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