Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty To Beating 15 Year Old Girl

Sorry dumb ass, the video's out. We can all see you beating her. What the fuck is up with cops lately?? I mean, there have been psychos in blue for quite a while, but they seem to be in full throttle mode now. This guy, Paul Schene, has shot two other people, prior to this, and one of them died! Why would he be allowed around people at all, let alone people smaller, female and defenseless (except for that super duper dangerously lethal shoe!) His lawyer had this to say,
"We had argued strenuously that the videotape released to the media this morning not be released because it does not tell the whole story of the incident," attorney Anne Bremner said in a statement.

"As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy's right to a fair trial."

Yeah, Anne, it really doesn't tell the whole story of the incident! Like, why do they hire cops who have obvious shoe phobias? I mean, he's wearing shoes, so is it just other people's shoes that drive him into a hulk-like rage?? And is the style or size of the shoe a contributing factor?? Or is it just the feeble, airborne quality of that particular shoe that set him off?

I also think it's funny that she's worried about 'inflamed public opinion'. The video does not leave much to the imagination, but even without the video, how many people are going to be pro 'crazy cop kicking a 15 year old girl's ass'?? Come on now, Anne.

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