Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Is In The Air


It was hoped the ducks would help produce much-needed ducklings

Tuesday March 10,2009

IT was hoped that feathers would fly when two rare male blue ducks were introduced to the only female of their species in Britain.

Ben and Jerry were meant to fall for Cherry and help produce some much-needed ducklings.

Instead, the two drakes only had eyes for each other – and have been inseparable ever since.

Paul Stevens, warden of Arundel Wetland Centre in West Sussex, said: “To our surprise the two males really took to each other.

"It would have been nice to get a last clutch of eggs from Cherry but Ben and Jerry do make a lovely couple.”

TV wildlife expert Chris Packham said: “Ducks are one of the few species that show homosexual behaviour regularly.”

But the gay love story does nothing to help the endangered blue duck, with just 2,500 now left in their native New Zealand.


Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

Maybe we should have a picture of a gay duck in the montage at the school. Oh, the outrage that would cause!

Expat Wannabe said...

Haha! Oh, the anger, fear and confusion! It would be chaos!