Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today I watched two movies that made me feel like crap. The first one was Humboldt County. This was a movie about a group of people living in the redwoods, growing pot for a living. They had no electricity, used an outhouse. I was incredibly jealous. I want to live in the woods and be a marijuana farmer! Then I saw Becoming Jane about the life of Jane Austin pre-writing six books. I want to be a young English woman with suitors and amazing writing ability! I want to have rich men vying for my affection! I was also pretty confused as to how society was able to function what with everyone wandering around all day, doing nothing. How did these people get rich in the first place?? Is there some get rich by playing cricket and sitting around scheme I'm not aware of? Then to further torture myself, I started watching the Miley and Mandy show on YouTube and then the Selena and Demi show!! How is it fair that these little twats who a year or so ago nobody had even heard of now have beach houses, movies, and tours with the Jonas Brothers?? I want to tour with the Jonas Brothers! Not really, but seriously, how is it fair that they are famous and rich for doing pretty much nothing and not being all that good at it in the first place? Even my 11 year old kid can tell that Miley Cyrus can't sing and is a terrible actress. Lame-O.

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LouDog said...

Ha Ha you are sad! Check it out woman, I finally started a blog!!! I rule the series of tubes!!!