Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Netflix has made my life that much richer by making watch instant movies an unlimited part of subscriptions. When they first starting this feature, you only had a certain amount of hours per month, which meant that right in the middle of a movie, you could run out of hours and therefor not be able to finish the movie! Talk about psychological blue balls!! It was the worst! Now that we have unlimited 'watch it nows', I can try out an episode of a show before I've committed to the whole disc of five episodes. It is also how I was introduced to Friday Night Lights, an amazing show about football in small town Texas. I know! It sounds terrible, but there was very little football in it and nobody mentioned G.W. and there were emotionally stunted loners with deeply buried hearts of gold, so it was awesome.
Anyway, Watch Instantly is how I stumbled upon a new show, Transamerican Love Story, staring a woman named Calpernia Addams who is searching for love through inviting 8 men to her house and eliminating one each week. After falling psychotically in love with the shows, Flavor of Love and I Love New York, I knew this would be right up my ally.
Now with this new show there is a twist in that Calpernia used to be a man. All the guys knew this going into it, which I was relieved to find out, knowing how insecure, psychotic, dipshits will occasionally kill people over that sort of thing. After watching an episode, I was overcome with curiosity about what this woman looked like as a boy. I searched the internet for well over an hour and found absolutely nothing! I'm not sure how she was able to perform a feat like that. I mean Madonna has an ancient picture from her pre bushwacking days, why didn't somebody, ANYBODY have a picture of this girl pre dickwacking days??
While my search for the truth proved futile, I did find out a lot about Calpernia Addams. She grew up in an extremely religious household in Tennesee, she worked as a combat medic in the Navy and the Marine Corps, she left the armed forces and began working as a performer where she met Barry Winchell who was in the army. When fellow soldiers found out about the relationship they harassed and eventually murdered Winchell (like I said, insecure, psychotic, dipshits). It was all very sad and there's a movie called Soldier's Girl, based on their lives together, which I will watch when I feel I could use some impotent rage in my life. Now she runs a production company and is a transgender advocate.
So the point of this is that if you sit around on your ass and watch reality TV all day, you could actually come across some pretty cool people and it is therefor not a waste of time!

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