Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scammed again

If we hadn't just gotten off the all night train from Rome to Paris, it probably wouldn't have happened. We made our bleary way down into the subway where a man herded us into lines in front of the ticket machines. He directed everybody through the process, spoke several languages. More than once I wondered if he actually worked. More than once we almost left. Why didn't we??? But our turn came and he rang us up for 4 tickets. "27.50" he said.
"27.50?!?!" I said, "For four tickets??"
"Well, how much is it a ticket?"
"4.50." Now here was an obvious warning sign. 4.50 times 4 does not equal 27.50. But instead of realizing this and walking away I made it worse.
"Is that for one day??"
"Yes, how many days are you going to be here?"
He pushed more buttons.
"55 for a three day pass."
So there it went. 55 euros, just like that. The only reason I'm telling this sorry tale is in case any of the rest of you end up in a Paris Metro and somebody tries to run this scam on you before you've had a chance to wake up. KICK HIM FORCEFULLY IN THE BALLS!! TAKE HIS WALLET!! GIVE ME BACK MY 55 EUROS AND KEEP THE REST FOR YOURSELF!! You deserve it. You've done a very good thing. Stomp on his balls once again before you leave for good measure.

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