Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What was with the innauguration? Was that not the most dissappointing anti-spectacle ever? What was with all those nobodies on the stage? And Aretha sounded like crap. That poem was the worst, most borning poem I have ever heard. "Somebody . . . is . . . cleaning . . . a dish." Who the fuck cares!! What was with the weird ordering of people coming down the stairs? His kids, then later his wife, then randomly Joe Biden appears. Was it just me, or did that woman by the door wipe her hand off on her pants after George W shook it? Of course, most underwhelming of all, Barak's speach! Who wrote that piece of crap! It was dated, predictable, uninspiring, just completely the exact opposite of what I was expecting. Send that speachwriter to Guantanamo. Immediately.
So I've only got a little over a week left here. Next up: Teaching English in Korea. We're planning for fall of this year. Here are the perks: Free round trip ticket, free housing, a months bonus after a year, paid vacation and holiday, no experience necessary. In fact, if you have a degree and you are a native English speaker, you're in. I suppose that degree in Environmental Science (which included two terms of calculus, a year of chemistry and two terms of physics. GRRR!!!) wasn't a complete waste of time and money after all.

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