Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Day In Rome and Paris TOTALLY SUCKS!

A few days ago before we arrived in loathsome Paris, we had the pleasure of eating at The Beehive Cafe. It is right next to the Rome train station and since we had a six hour wait for our train and were all touristed out, this was our only venture that day. Another bonus was that it was easy to find. European streets criss-cross, wind, jut out at odd angles and change names from one side to the other like some giant schizophrenic street orgy. We have come to know them through literally hours of being completely lost, so being easy to find is a HUGE bonus. When we got there (with only minimal being lost in the street orgy time) they were about to close for the afternoon so we ordered simply: Mixed appetizer!!

Followed by carrot cake cupcakes:

And here's what was left when we were done:

It was all delicious. At first I wasn't very sure about the appetizer. I mean, pinto beans and asparagus?? Zucchini and hummus?? Whatever! It was all absolutely perfect and tasted wonderful comingled.

Now, on to why I hate Paris the city more than Paris the Hilton. Paris is cold. Very cold. Paris is expensive! Where everywhere else, the subway costs 1 euro a ride and the kids are free, in Paris it costs 13 euros for somewhere three stops away and the kids were almost as much! And the ticket machines are inscrutable, even when you pick English! Even the other French people seemed confused. I mean there are three kinds of tickets all of them different prices, one of them requires you to enter the first letter of the place you wish to go. And you also need your ticket to exit the subway, like they didn't believe you really had a ticket when you went in, they have to check again when you leave and if it doesn't work, you're stuck inside the subway!! This is why when we went to Disneyland Paris today, we only bought tickets for the adults and squeezed the kids in with us, and wouldn't you know it, on our way back the subway was crawling with subway security and we got caught and threatened with a 50 euro fine by a petulant, nasty man. Paris reminds me of a dead fish. It just kind of lays there, rigid, gray, slimy and cold. And as we all know even Paris Hilton does better than that.

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