Monday, January 5, 2009

Nice, France!

So after Madrid, we went to Montpellier (not that great in my opinion) then to Nice where we had a lovely vegan meal at the Speakeasy, prepared and served single handedly by a very nice woman originally from California.

We had: Potato and herb pate, squash and vegetable pie, barley and broccoli, seitan, and tempeh sausage. We also got to go to the beach where there wasn't much sand, mostly smooth rocks. When we stood in the ocean, the waves came up carrying the rocks and they smashed into our legs. Mr. AwesomeCool and I woke up early and took a nice run along the beach. The water was a gorgeous shade of blue and not to cold either.

I'm getting way behind on my blog because when we aren't on the train, or eating, we're frantically searching for our hotels, often at night and often in very confusing/disorienting cities. See, when you're planning a huge European tour, it's probably best to book everything ahead of time. If you don't, you either can't go to the city you wanted to go to, or you get there, but you're paying top euro for a room that's about two feet wide.

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