Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in Campillos

Blah. After being in vibrant cities with sights to see, wallets to get stolen, fake metro tickets to buy, impossibly confusing streets to get lost in, Campillos is more boring than ever before, which is really saying something. However, it is also really nice to be back in Spain. After the dreadfulness of France, I realized how much more I like Spain and Spanish people. Yes, even the Campillos people who welcomed me back with a rousing game of "Stare at the Foreigner!!" Spain has a completely different feeling than France. Much lighter and more vibrant. France is a dark, moody place. I guess that explains why the two most disturbing and emotionally traumatizing movies I've ever seen are French (just to warn you, if anybody ever comes to you with either of these movies: In My Skin or Irreversible, and describes them in positive terms, run screaming from the room and never talk to that person again because they are sociopathic freaks.)
I can't believe I'm leaving in just over two weeks!! I'm sad. Now that Mr. AwesomeCool is here, Campillos is bearable. I actually started looking at plane tickets from the US back to Spain. I was thinking of taking the kids back and returning on my own. The thought of living in RainyTown makes my stomach turn. I can't decide which is worse, Campillos or RainyTown. It doesn't help that RainyTown is in nasty old America and I've gotten used to the most liberal of liberal attitudes. Conservative here is somewhere slightly to the right of Dennis Kucinich. Sigh. I love him. And I love Zapatero. In fact, people get pissed here if you are NOT in support of things like gay marriage. When I first got here, a biography of the queen had just been released in which she said she supported gay marriage, but didn't think it should be called marriage. There was an uproar. The queen denied the quote. The talk shows all made fun of her for weeks. In the US, that kind of attitude would have been expected and earned her support and praise.
I'm getting depressed just thinking about it!! I don't want to go back to the Walmart of the free world!!!!
Here's a clip from my favorite Spanish TV show to cheer us all up:

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